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Case study: The Bury St Edmunds Women's Aid centre


Bury St Edmunds Women's Aid Centre (the Refuge) was established in 1974 to provide safety and support for women and children experiencing Domestic Abuse. The Refuge has living accommodation for up to 23 bed spaces. They offer temporary accommodation in a safe and supportive refuge where women and their children can recover from the traumatic effects of domestic violence and make informed choices. They offer a range of community services, courses and counselling to support women to rebuild their lives after abuse.


When the company became responsible for an additional property they were put onto emergency out of contract rates for electricity and gas. This meant they were paying much higher than they should have been. The emergency rates and the time it was taking to compare utility suppliers posed a financial challenge to the organisation. .

Before Utility Aid

Prior to contacting Utility Aid, the CEO (Heather Hunt) found the process constraining and challenging " we had to research individual utility companies and compare them which was incredibly time consuming "


Time was of the essence, the longer the time taken to find a new supplier the longer they would be charged the emergency rate. As Heather stated, "we would have been forced to pay a higher price and spend a lot of time researching and comparing energy suppliers"


Heather was resourceful, took control of the situation and contacted Utility Aid for guidance. Unlike competitors Heather found,
"Utility Aid put themselves forward in a non aggressive way and were pleasant to deal with".


Utility aid: Used detailed knowledge of the energy markets to secure the best tariff. Utility Aid Found a three year fixed contract for stability and consistency. This saved The Women's Refugee over £2,000 a year


This allowed the Women's refuge to quickly change supplier, reduce administrative burdens, minimise financial costs and instead, invest resources into frontline services.


"We are able to invest more on staff and support for our clients. We have also saved time so there is more staff time available to support clients. We were impressed with your communication particularly with Nathan Jones he is easy to talk to and able to answer any questions we have and, of course, the price was great".


Utility Aid are committed to supporting charities that add much value to the lives of vulnerable people. We are honoured to assist services such as The Bury St Edmunds Women's refuge.

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