Fundraising Tips: How to Raise Money For Charities

9 July 2019

According to the Charities Aid Foundation, the proportion of the UK public who gave money direct to charity in 2018 dropped to 57%, compared with 60% the previous year and 61% in 2016. This downward trend means that it’s particularly important to fundraise for charities. A big part of Utility Aid’s culture is to encourage and support our teams to regularly fundraise for the charities that we work with and ones within our communities.

Here are a few fundraising tips that we have picked up along the way:

Set up a fundraising page

Once you have decided on which charity you want to raise money for then you need to set up a fundraising page. Platforms such as JustGiving or GoFundMe make it very easy to start a page but it’s important to put some effort into it: choose something difficult or interesting to do such as running a marathon or doing a stand-up comedy show, make sure the text on the page is clear and captivating, and add some good pictures (n.b. you will need permission if they feature other people in them). Once everything is ready then use social media to promote your page or if it is appropriate, send your contacts direct emails or text messages. It can be worth contacting or tagging the charity you’re fundraising for as they may be able to share your page on their social media feeds or recommend a good hashtag. 

Start an event

Events are a great way to raise money and get people together for a good cause. It could be a dance in a local village hall, a cupcake sale, or a picnic in the park. Be creative and make sure to promote the event well in advance. Many local venues will offer a space for free if people spend a minimum amount on food and drinks, or they may even be prepared to give you a discounted rate if they know it’s for charity. You can either charge people an entrance fee to collect donations or let people in for free and set up various paid-for activities e.g. a raffle. It can be a good idea to promote the event on local notice boards and you could even try contacting the local press.

Run a competition 

Competitions can be a good way to raise money for charities but you need to follow a few simple rules. Prize competitions and lotteries operate under different rules. Lotteries rely on chance to win, whereas competitions usually require some form of a challenge. If you want to run a lottery then it’s essential to read the Fundraising Regulator’s rules around it. To run a prize competition is more straightforward but still requires you to follow a few basic rules: you need to be very clear about what the competition entails, what the prize is and to make sure that you announce the winner before or at the point that the competition ends. It is also important not to deduct anything from the prize charity fund beyond the cost of the prize. In many cases, local businesses are happy to donate a prize. 

For more in depth information about fundraising visit the Institute of Fundraising.


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