Marcel Boonaert: Creating opportunities for charities

19 September 2017

When my son watches superhero films: Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, whatever takes your fancy, there is an idealised view of what 'heroics' should look like or should be - a fancy outfit, an extra ordinary power and probably an expensive gadget. But after 18 years experience in wholesale markets and portfolio management, I have learnt: real heroes don't wear capes. They don't even have 'Batmobiles'.

Instead, what the heroes in Utility Aid have are the values, the vision and a unique respect for others, which is not the obvious content of superhero fiction but - it should be. When you combine the power of humility, integrity and the drive to make our society better - you get Utility Aid. You get an organisation whose sole existence is founded on the belief to improve the life chances of people and improve the potential for charities to extend their impact.

We are the people, who help the people to help the people. Our power is our ability to access wholesale markets, okay as a film it might not work out but our philosophy and market insight - it has the ability to evolve charitable organisations. If a charity can access wholesale markets - they access cheaper costs. The more money they save on their utilities allows more money to be spent on the priority - the people or the causes they help. There is an intimate tie between my job and charitable enterprises; the work we do at Utility Aid directly cascades into society. Into creating a better society which values people not profit.

It is an honour to support charities working on human rights violations across the world. The money and time we save them allows them to get on with their real job: protecting people. As a result, people have been freed, lives have been saved and justice has been done. It's the small acts that cumulatively have an impact on the society that we should all, in all sectors, be striving to create. I hope that others will lead by our example and to do what's right for all of us: collaboration.

We save our clients time and money, provide our clients with time and money thus our clients have the precious time and money to invest in their causes. Utility Aid creates opportunities for charities, empowers charities to evolve and help as many people as possible. We may not wear superhero outfits or drive batmobiles, but we do have the power to spread as much goodness as possible, through the work we do - I think that's real heroism.

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