The UKs zero-carbon electricity generation has outstripped fossil fuels for the first time ever

30 January 2020

The UK’s zero-carbon electricity generation has outstripped fossil fuels for the first time ever

At Utility Aid, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously.  It’s never just been a tick-box exercise for us. Our focus has always been about driving down the energy costs for our customers, particularly as we work with organisations that operate in the not-for-profit sector. If we can help them take control of their energy consumption and reduce their costs, then they can spend more money where it’s needed most. Whether that’s helping reduce homelessness, provide more support for the elderly or raising the awareness of mental health, the more we can do, the more they can.

As well as our passion for helping our clients achieve this, we’re also passionate about sustainability and environmental issues. Fossil fuels will, quite simply not last forever and their harvesting will continue to have a detrimental effect on our planet. Finding new ways to source and create energy is the responsibility of the whole industry. Otherwise, at some point there won’t be an industry.

So, it is with a great deal of pleasure we saw the news that, for the first time in history, zero-carbon electricity surpassed fossil fuel generation in the UK last year. This is big, big news.  Of course, with this comes a customary word of caution. We are far from there yet and there’s a huge amount to do in the continual drive for total sustainability, but we should certainly celebrate this milestone.

Here’s the detail.  During the course of 2019, 48.5% of electricity consumed in Britain was generated using methods such as wind, solar and nuclear.  Fossil fuels accounted for 43%, with the remainder made up of biomass generation. During 2019, Britain’s record for coal-free electricity generation was broken numerous times. It first went at Easter, will almost 92 consecutive hours of coal-free generation recorded over the long bank holiday weekend. A few weeks later, in May, the National Grid confirmed that the UK had completed its first ever full week without coal. And, to top it off, just a few weeks later, the UK managed almost two weeks without coal generation. A big step in the right direction.

Our commitment to operate with a fully functioning morale compass will not change. It’s why we continually call for complete regulation of our own industry and why we’ve been recognised as the Most Trusted Energy Broker in the UK. So, we welcome this news with open arms. We just need to make sure our industry doesn’t stop driving for a completely net-zero target.  It will be a challenge, but a challenge we will play as big a part in as we possibly can.

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