advisory board

Utility Aid is proud to be the only energy broker in the UK that employs an Independent Advisory Panel. The panel is there for the benefit of customers requiring advisory services relating to a range of topics including Ethics, Regulation, Lobbying, Trading, Volume Purchasing, Fixed and Flexible products.

The panel includes:

James Summerbell: Procurement Advisory

James was responsible for energy procurement at Tesco Group - some £500 million per annum spend. He has also acted as an advisor to the MUEC (Major Users Energy Council) and been a consultant at PwC. James is a CIMA Chartered Management Accountant

Andrew King: Property Portfolio Performance Advisory

Andrew has a combined Economics and Spanish degree from Leeds University. He also holds Masters degrees in Property Valuation and Law, and Business Administration - both from Cass Business School, London. He obtained Chartered Surveyor status in 2007. His experience includes managing property portfolios at Savills and Savills Investment Management, in both core and alternative sectors. Andrew has spent the last 10 years advising domestic, international and institutional investors on how to optimise their commercial real estate portfolios.

Guy Thompson: Guy is an FCA approved senior energy specialist.

Having worked on the trading desk for various organisations including Utilix, Energyquote, Macquarie, NPower and Corona. He has a comprehensive understanding of options and structured products

Marcel Boonaert: Risk Management in the energy sector

With over 18 years of experience within the energy sector, Marcel has held senior roles at some of the largest gas and electricity utilities including WINGAS and EDF ENERGY. Marcel understands the granular aspects of energy supply, having set up trading functions, built pricing engines, restructured risk governance and structured and originated large contracts for a range of producers and end users. His proficiency in both quantitative and qualitative analysis enables him to find synergies between the risk taking commercial aspects of business as well as the operational and risk mitigation functions that adhere to policy and regulation.

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