Utility Aid enabled the centre to take advantage of reduced rates with the NCT scheme


Utility Aid saved the centre time, money and importantly aligned their various contracts for easier handling

More Good

Savings made were invested into the 'general fund' resulting in a new people carrier for the centre

Case Study: The Bridge Centre, Haddington


The Bridge Centre, Haddington is working to support the local community

What are they trying to achieve?

The aim of the centre is to promote community cohesion through an activity based programme.

The activities provide social welfare, leisure, recreation and education opportunities.

What do they provide?

The Bridge Centre was established as a community facility in 1967.

Based in restored mill-workers' cottages owned by the Lamp of Lothian Collegiate Trust, the centre offers a bespoke programme of activities to the people of Haddington and the surrounding area.

What is their energy strategy?

The Bridge Centre has worked with Utility Aid since June 2011.

Previously they purchased their energy on short term fixed contracts.

"Not only has Utility Aid saved us thousands of pounds on our annual energy bills as a result of securing the most competitive rates, they have also regularly checked our energy bills. Bringing to our attention that on at least one occasion we were being overcharged. Again saving our charity considerable sums."

Doug Haig, Community Development Officer
The Bridge Centre, Haddington


ua conducted a full energy audit for The Bridge Centre, Haddington

What were the immediate benefits?

Initially Utility Aiddiscussed the need to reduce the amount of money spent on their energy contracts. Utility Aid were able to find competitive rates that reduced the gas by £1,000 and the electricity by 49%.

What was their contract position?

Signing into a contract with Invoice Validation has led to savings. Currently this has returned £1,468 to the organisation.

What did <strong>​ua</strong>​ recommend?

Utility Aid have a collective energy purchase scheme called The National Charity Tender. Buying energy collectively with other organisations allows suppliers to offer a more competitive rate to customers.

The Bridge Centre has been able to take advantage of the reduced rates offered by the NCT.

In 2014 this meant a reduction in gas prices of 22% and a reduction in electricity prices of 12% below direct standard renewal rates.

"The money we have saved as a result of working with Utility Aid has gone into the centre's 'general fund'. Meaning that the centre has been able to allocate funding towards the purchase of a new people carrier more quickly than was originally anticipated."

Doug Haig, Community Development Officer
The Bridge Centre, Haddington


Utility Aid gave budget security and more time to do more good


By securing the most competitive rates, Utility Aid have saved thousands of pounds on the centre's annual energy bills.


Utility Aid check the centre's bills to ensure that they are correct, resulting in a large credit for the organisation. As all recovery work was carried out by Utility Aid significant time and efficiency savings were also made.

Do more good

Being able to use the money saved to buy a much-needed people carrier, earlier than anticipated was a great boost for the centre.

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