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Case study: The Jesus Hospital Charity


The service provides accommodation to any local, elderly women who are homeless and in financial difficulty. The support includes 56 cottages spread over 5 main sites in Barnet, London. The only condition of the accommodation is the women must contribute towards the cost of energy.

What are they trying to achieve?

The Jesus Hospital Charity have recently found a unique solution to giving the mature ladies in their care a boost. The charity, founded in 1679, has a rich history of change and development. Originally established, by local benefactors James and Mary Ravenscroft, to ensure the support and maintenance of six lady residents who were residing in Ravenscroft Cottages in Wood Street, Barnet. The project now includes 56 cottages spread over 5 main sites in Barnet.


When the charity began in the seventeenth century the condition of entry was simple. Only available to, 'ladies of holy report and innocent conversation'. 

They would not be admitted if they were 'suspected of Sorcery or Witchcraft or Charming. Or if Common Drunkard, Common Scold or Backbiter. Nor idiot or lunatic or infected with any foul or loathsome disease!'

While some of the buildings date back to the seventeenth century the entry requirements do not. 

The service now provides accommodation to any local, elderly women who are homeless and in financial difficulty. With one condition: they must contribute towards the cost of energy

What was their position?

Tom Durkin, the finance assistant, soon realised it was a priority to keep energy costs low for the women in their care given that they faced financial hardship and were  responsible for the energy in their accommodation.  He needed a bespoke energy strategy tailored to his organisation's individual needs. Tom commented -

" I have used other energy consultants, but I have experienced great difficulty.  One main supplier, despite us leaving, has continued to send bills on estimated bases for sites we no longer supply!"

How could we help?

  •       Our invoice validation service recovered and returned overcharges directly to the charity.
  •       Aligned suppliers for simplicity and efficiency.
  •       Made renewables simple.
  •       Made billing straightforward. 

It is the people who ensure organisations prosper and the staff at Utility Aid are helpful, meet requirements and gave me answers to benefit our organisation

Tom Durkin (Finance assistant)
Jesus Hospital Charity


Since 2016, Utility Aid, have saved the charity hours of time and £2555 on gas bills. This money was debited back to the charity and can now be spent on achieving their real mission, supporting the women in their care, increasing facilities and improving provisions for their residents.

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