Invoice Validation

Invoice Validation

Every penny counts. Energy invoices are complex, and checking your organisation is not being overcharged can be a huge time and cost burden. To date, Utility Aid has recovered over £6 million from overcharges paid by our customers. These overcharges are recovered directly from suppliers and every penny goes straight back into our customer's pockets- we don't take anything. Our invoice validation service does this for you, so you can spend time on what matters the most.

How does Invoice Validation work?

Using advanced software, we process our customer's invoices for the duration of their energy contract. We check them against a comprehensive set of validators and if errors are detected, we report them to you and then deal directly with the suppliers to claim your money back. All money recovered is paid directly to you, not us. Our Invoice Validation service is available for retrospective audits going up to four years.

Key Features of Invoice Validation?

    ·        Change of Supplier check – As part of our service, we perform a complimentary change of supplier check on your incumbent suppliers’ final invoice, to ensure your account is closed and opened using the same meter read. Simply pop over a copy of your final invoice to Don’t forget to pop over a meter read to us on your transfer date to ensure accurate billing. 

    ·         We use a wide range of validators to capture all the different areas that can be incorrectly billed. We can also tailor these to suit your specific needs. 

    ·         We provide a multitude of reporting options based on your wants and needs. 

    ·         We can provide you with a login to our software, allowing you to view your billed data, and even run your reports.

Commonly Asked Questions

·         Do I need to send you my invoices to benefit from your Invoice Validation service?

Absolutely not! We retrieve invoices directly from your supplier. The only invoice you need to send us is the final invoice from your incumbent supplier if you would like to benefit from our change of supplier check!


·         Do I need to wait for Utility Aid to let me know my invoices have been checked before I make payment?

There is no need to wait for confirmation that your bills have been checked, simply make payment as normal, with full peace of mind any overpayments will be recovered and refunded back to you!


·         How will I know my invoices have been checked?

Once your invoices have been checked, we will email you to let you know.


·         How long will it take to get over-payments recovered for me?

This completely depends on the type of overpayment and the issue's complexity. One thing we can guarantee is you will be kept informed throughout the process.


·         What reports can I access?

We can provide you with access to both cost and billed consumption reports as standard. We can also produce bespoke analytics to assist with your specific needs, such as forecast reports. Whether you would like to view these annually or with each billing cycle, you can choose to access them via our portal, or for convenience, we can send the reports directly to you.


·         This sounds great, are you able to check my historic invoices for me?

We do offer a historic bill-checking service and can audit invoices as far back as 4 years for you. If this is something you are interested in, drop us an email at for more information.


·         What elements of my invoice do you check?

Our checks include VAT and CCL rates, consumption, meter reads, unit rates, and more. We can also make adjustments to our validators based on your specific concerns.

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