Two year budget security with the best supplier


Our Energy Specialists took responsibility of their energy

More Good

All this allowed Emmaus Leeds to focus on their core purpose - rebuilding the lives of formerly homeless people

Case study: Emmaus Leeds


Emmaus Leeds is working to end homelessness

What are they trying to achieve?

Emmaus believes that people who are formerly homeless and socially excluded have something to offer.

They encourage people to use their skills to change themselves - and change the world.

What do they provide?

Emmaus provide more than just a bed for the night for people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

Emmaus provide a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as meaningful work to help restore feelings of self-esteem and give residents the opportunity to regain control of their lives.

What was their energy strategy?

Emmaus came to Utility Aid through a recommendation from one of our current charity clients in Leeds.

Like many charities we work with they didn't have any real energy strategy in place and were working with a range of suppliers and contracts.

"I wouldn't have known where to start obtaining and analysing the information to decide on which supplier would be best for us... your service saved us loads of time and effort."

Gina Morrison
Emmaus Leeds


Utility Aid conducted a full energy audit for Emmaus Leeds

What were the immediate benefits?

We analysed Emmaus Leeds current consumption so we could arrange the relevant contract to give them immediate benefits.

What was their contract position?

Emmaus Leeds had several contracts that ended on different dates. We worked with them to align these contracts so that they finished on the same date.

What did we recommend?

We presented the three most relevant energy providers following best practice examples. We explained the benefits of each, in line with Emmaus Leeds' energy consumption and their values and ethics.

"Our aim was to offer Emmaus Leeds genuine help so they can do more good by providing more help to the formerly homeless in Leeds."

William Campbell
Utility Aid Commercial Director


Utility Aid sourced and aligned energy contracts to bring about improved budget security


We gave Emmaus Leeds two years of budget security with the best supplier.


Our Energy Specialists took responsibility of their energy, found the best contract based on the most competitive price and what was right for the charity, to create a simple more efficient billing administration.

Do more good

All of this allowed Emmaus Leeds to focus on their core purpose - rebuilding the lives of formerly homeless people.

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