How can your organisation reduce its CO2 emissions?

18 June 2019

Recently the UK became one of the first major economies to legislate to reach net zero emissions by 2050, which will end our contribution to global warming entirely. 


Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, said: “We know that investing in zero carbon solutions is good for growth - boosting jobs and the economy - and it is cheaper for business, organisations and government to tackle climate change now than to manage its impacts in the future.”


So how can charities and non-profits work towards reducing their carbon emissions? Here are a few tips: 


1. Manage your energy consumption 

A lot of energy is wasted through poor energy management, including leaving the lights on and running the heating when it is not needed. Utility Aid offers its customers energy management training and access to data that can help them to figure out how to better manage their energy consumption. With careful management and relatively simple interventions, such as adding smart meters and thermostats, you can not only reduce your energy costs but you can also reduce your CO2 emissions. 


2. LED lights

A lot of organisations burn through lots of electricity thanks to high powered halogen light bulbs. Fortunately, LED bulb technology has improved dramatically over the past few years and offers similar levels of lighting to conventional bulbs. By switching all of your lightbulbs to LED ones, you can significantly reduce your electricity consumption. Utility Aid can help develop a financial model to show payback for a self-funded scheme or a funded solution for LED and other energy reduction technology.


3. Change your energy contract or supplier

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon emissions is to change your contract or switch energy providers. We work with several energy suppliers that offer renewable energy tariffs. By switching to a renewable energy contract, you can rest assured that your energy use is not contributing to CO2 emissions. For more information contact our team on 08081788170.

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