Welcome to the roaring 20s part II

17 January 2020

Hello and a very warm welcome to a new decade. Of course, a New Year always provides the chance to return to work with renewed vigour and a desire to make this year even better than the last. But a new decade?  That feels like a chance to do just that with even greater focus.  At Utility Aid, we want to make the 20’s roar once more. And we’ll do all this with an unwavering focus on our customers, delivering the most competitive prices in the UK and unparalleled service.

It’s this focus on service that means I won’t give up on my call for regulation of our industry. Over the last 12 months we’ve seen numerous energy companies close, leaving many consumers unsure what to do next.  The failure of Utilitywise, a company rife with unhealthy sales practices and a culture of greed, perfectly embodies the need for rules. I will continue to lobby for this, asking for an immediate de facto regulatory manner, until actual regulation is in place.

I very much hope that my stance on this has gone some way to help us become the Most Trusted Consultancy of the Year. Yet, of course, so much more goes into receiving such awards.  To remind you, we are the only broker in the UK that deals with over 30 suppliers and also the only broker who has an Advisory Panel – a free resource that is designed to help our clients understand the key issues they face.

We are also incredibly active in the charitable communities we work with.  Perhaps one of my favourite examples saw two of my colleagues join many other fundraisers in the Norwich Sleepout last November, raising money for the incredible Benjamin Foundation who want to end youth homelessness.  We will continue to actively participate in supporting the organisations we work with. It’s part of the Utility Aid DNA.

Before I leave you, allow me one more moment of pride. Last year we were introduced to Emmaus Leeds, another charity working to end homelessness. They were introduced to us by an existing client and, at the time, were working with multiple suppliers and contracts. We quickly analysed their current, total consumption and arranged an alternative approach. We provided two years of budget security, with one, manageable contract. It removed significant administration for the team and reduced their costs, allowing Emmaus to focus on the important stuff – getting more people off the streets.

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